Sifex Global

From our companies we want salute and thank you for your interest in our products.

Sifex Global We are a business group:

Each of our companies, are composed of highly qualified team, those are specialized in: R & D + I, implementation of systems, engineering, manufacturer of prefabricated and mortars, construction, international trade ...

As company in the passive protection market we providing preventative security measures, we focus our efforts and attention on providing constructive solutions to reduce the high risks that presented certain activities, security.

We present our prefabricated, special modified mortars and the additive AdiFoc specially designed and patented in order to use as building material YG brown plaster. raw material for the construction that was commonly used in traction or plaster. YG Tan Gypsum is an economical material that is found in almost every country in the world and thanks to bring you our additive AdiFoc got workability characteristics, hardness, strength, and can enhance their natural properties.

              AdiFoc is an additive developed by our company and tested by the Polytechnic University of Madrid in the Department of Civil Engineering.

In order to achieve this goal, our professional team consists of professionals from various sectors, since their knowledge and training, backed by his long career and experience, intended to give customers accurate solutions to meet their needs and solve problems that arise.

Also, we have partners from different areas, and we work in partnership with both public entities and universities: Cuerpos de Seguridad del Estado (como la Dirección General de la Policía y la Guardia Civil, Cuerpos de Bomberos), and private entities such as the Swiss Institute of Safety and other companies dedicated to the protection and safety. We work with the Department of Civil Engineering - Construction ESCUELA POLITÉCNICA SUPERIOR DE INGENIEROS DE CAMINOS, CANALES Y PUERTOS DE LA UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA DE MADRID,  UNIVERSIDAD MIGUEL HERNÁNDEZ (UHM).